Putin And President-elect Trump To Stop the New World Order

Once the election results were announced in the US, the largest circulating meme online was of President Putin. Famed for being nothing short of a tough dictator, political commentators all said that President Putin stood to gain the most with a Trump win.

One of the main things commentators claim is that President Putin hopes for a restoration of Russian-American relations with the U.S. Election results and the victory of Donald Trump. The fact that Americans have finally taken a call to restore their position in their own country and absolutely reject the possibility of a New World Order gives him hopes for new understanding to set in.

President Putin’s initial plans

Putin had vowed to put an end to the New World Order in 2016 and this victory makes it sound and feel more real as the idea of a totalitarian government has completely faded with Trump being ushered into the scenario. Along with the newly-elected President of the United States, Putin plans to break the elitist monopoly that has been dominating the country since the Boston Tea Party, 1771. Ironically enough, the Tea Party is a major policy maker for the Republican Party.

The real people of America and people all over the world are waking up to the idea of an uprising against the elite. President Putin finds a good deal of encouragement from the fact that his idea of uprooting the New World Order is shared and resonated among the people of the United States as well as a majority of the world’s population. The victory of Donald Trump will only make his purpose more convenient to fulfill.

Putin believes that the elites in Washington were mere puppets of the New World Order and this blow was certainly not expected. It has shaken the roots of the elitist movement and has brought back the power in the hands of the United States to take over their economy and their position of power.

Joining hands with Trump

With Trump having declared that he intends to fully restore Russian-American relations, there is no denying the fact that Trump and Putin have common interests. Putin has been clairvoyant about his interest in the history of the New World Order so that he understands their motives and destroys them before they can spread out their branches any further.

President Putin’s belief in the uprooting of the New World Order is further enhanced by the fact that President Trump is not a politician but a commoner who understands how the common people are manipulated by the liberals and the media. The New World Order has spent tens of millions to bring him down but with more people starting to believe in values of a patriotic American, he could not be brought down.

When the world’s financial elite met in Switzerland, they could not stop talking about how they were afraid of Trump’s victory. This is a clear indicator of their knowledge regarding Trump’s plans when he comes to power. He clearly is a threat to the New World Order and shares the agenda with Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

While Putin has never directly endorsed Trump, he has indicated that the victory of Trump is a feather to the cap that he has wanted to don for a while now. The New World Order and its way to a One World government have been written off the cards and people have woken up to the goodness of American sovereignty.

Putin’s disbelief in the electoral system

While President Putin was clearly apprehensive of the American electoral process, he was unsure of Trump’s campaign gaining enough momentum to reach the pinnacle. According to Putin, the elite family clans have been taking turns to occupy the White House and while Hilary Clinton had a fair chance of being victorious, he stated how he personally knew her and how she was absolutely undeserving of the position. Being an NWO selected candidate, she was clearly being backed by the elite that included politicians, bankers, economists and celebrities.

Putin had clearly expressed his disbelief in the electoral system that was corrupt enough to allow only elite family clans to stay in power. The political establishment did not want Trump anywhere near the position of a President. He was being unnecessarily vilified by mainstream media and every possible step was being taken to bring Trump down. The New World Order was up against him, primarily because they had a lot to give up if the man in power did not play by their rules.

Trump stepping up to save the day

The agenda of the New World Order of a one world economy, one world government and a one world religion is a threat to individual freedom and to the United States itself. Trump has stepped up to stand in the way of this agenda and his belief in ‘We the People’ is what President Putin believes as great news for the world.

With the people of America having voted for advancement over stagnation in order to regain America’s status as a powerful nation, there is hope for Putin to implement his agenda for the destruction of the New World Order. Along with Trump, he hopes to put an end to the New World Order’s hold over global economics and geopolitics and undo the perceived wrong doings of the financial elites.




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