Anti-Trump Protesters Are Destroying Cities And Costing Tax Payers Millions!

Over the last few days, anti-Donald Trump rioters have taken to the streets in several big cities, where they have looted and burned local businesses. Video footage shows rioters smashing windows setting cars and other objects on fire in the City of Portland.

“The government will have to spend millions cleaning up the mess the rioters made” A local citizen reported.

The local PD is reporting that around 4 000 protesters have blocked off roads while they chanted “not our president”. Members of the riots have vandalised over 19 cars at a dealership in northern Portland. This incident was reported by members of the car dealership who said they were in “fear for their lives”.

The cars were vandalised with spray-paint and the words “Trump is evil” graffitied on some vehicles.

The protesters were marching down Broadway bridge and entering the Pearl district while breaking windows from local businesses along the way.  The media reports state that whilst protestors started the night peacefully on the 10th November, several anti-government groups joined,  heightening group anger and leading to property damage.

The Portland police have reportedly attempted to stop the looting and burning; however, the sheer mass of protesters prevented the PD from limiting damage to local businesses.

Some members of the protest group reportedly carried baseball bats and threw projectiles at officers. The officers responded by attempting to push back crowds, making arrests and deploying flashbang devices.

In response to the protest, President-Elect Donald Trump has tweeted that ‘he loves the fact that the protesters are displaying a high amount of energy and great passion towards America’.  Trump’s comment will likely be perceived by the majority of citizens across America as inflammatory because he has congratulated people for protests and riots which have lead to damage as opposed to investing their time in making America great again!

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