Donald Trump Is Going To Jail Members Of The New World Order

In a presidential debate between then Democratic and Republican nominees – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump respectively – the audience was left shocked when Mr.Trump indicated that Mrs.Clinton would be in jail if he came to power.

While this was definitely a shocking comment and a clear indicator of the kind of President he was going to be, it wasn’t really a big surprise considering the rhetoric that Mr.Trump has employed in his journey to the White House. Hillary Clinton was a challenge to his rhetoric in every way – she was a woman, in power, and was always considered the best person for the job.

The origin of the threat

Hillary Clinton, during the time of the debates was under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for using her personal email account while she was Secretary of State. Usually, governments officials use secured servers to communicate electronically since they deal with highly classified information.

During the debate, Mr.Trump had specified that he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton. He cited that Mrs.Clinton’s deletion of around 30,000 emails and the use of an online acid-wash to erase all proof of the mails was highly suspect.

We’re thinking he might be waiting until January, when he assumes office, to take action.

Eric Holder, former attorney general, commented on Trump’s statement and stated that there is no rule in USA to jail your political opponent and if Trump has issued any such statement, he is definitely opposing the law of the land.

The voice of the people

Trump’s rallies and campaigns have been propagating the locking up of Hillary Clinton time and again but Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, has said that Trump’s statement was more of a collective voice on behalf of the people. He further explained that Trump felt how commoners in the country had given up hope in their fight against the elites and their monopoly over the global economy.

According to Conway, Trump wanted to put an end to the so-called New World Order and do justice to the imbalance that persists in the society. Highly ironic since Trump is part of America’s 1%.

While his motives might seem laudable on paper, what a lot of people are missing out since the news came out is that the FBI has cleared Mrs.Clinton, and has, at worst, labeled her actions careless – nothing that warrants jail time.

Trumps agenda is to vilify this new world order, to what end, we don’t know – it should become apparent as time goes by. As it is information about his hectoring of media outlets has been made public wherein the free press is worried that he might curb all information that he deems is negative and will hurt his public persona.

The possibilities

The outcome of such blatant declarations by someone who is going to assume the most powerful office in the world is fairly simple – a dictatorship. Anything that could be perceived as injustice or negative propaganda will be curbed at the outset.

While he waits to assume office, the President elect is in the process of picking key members of public office – notable among them is a candidate for attorney general who directly opposes Hillary Clinton and the New World Order. The case of the breach of national security might also be made against Mrs.Clinton.

While a handful of former government lawyers have stated that reopening the investigation might not really prove anything and is totally unnecessary, there could be a pressure built up on the FBI to take a second look at it, after the government changes.

If Trump were to appoint a special prosecutor and if enough evidence is found against Hillary Clinton, she could go on a trial and even face imprisonment. However, there is no denying the fact that political figures of her stature are generally not imprisoned for first offences.

Trump’s Agenda Vs His Actions

For someone who has been rich his whole life, who has never struggled, who has never seen a rought patch (even if he did, he had enough money to never worry about a bad bet), Trump’s comments and threats are highly ironic.

His campaigns has vilified the New Word Order (a collective of democratic liberals) to the point where they are now targets of hate crimes across the country.

The America justice system guarantees everyone a fair trial. And unless the evidence against Mrs.Clinton is too strong to ignore, the chances that she will go to jail are highly unlikely. More importantly, assuming that jailing a powerful figure (two-time first lady and two-time Secretary of State) will somehow make him seem credible is a bit much.

Setting up an agenda that is in agreement with what the Law has to say is a great way to begin his tenure in office, but sounding like a fascist while doing so is not the way to “make America great again”. Unless making America great means eliminating threats that you, individually think, are threatening. Using the law as an instrument of justice is what should be propagated instead of using it as a weapon.

What is scarier is that Trump supporters all uniformly echo his views. That being said, a closer look at the Trump voter base won’t throw up an alarming number of Neo-Nazis but a large number of disgruntled Americans who believe that they have been left behind by the system.

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