Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin Will Work Together To Destroy ISIS

Vladimir Putin has told Donald Trump that he wants Russia and America to team up to finally wipe out the Islamic state.

Trump has repeatedly said that once he is president the evil death cult will be removed by a series of attacks by the United States military. This military action will likely take the form of deploying military assets to take over key locations within Iraq, such as controlling the oil supply which ISIS uses to fund itself.

Trump will take a hardline approach to combating ISIS

Mr Trump has repeatedly praised Putin for his “hardline” response to the Islamic state.

During the presidential debates, Trump told the audience that “Russia is killing ISIS” and “I think it would be great if we got along with Russia so we can fight ISIS together”.

In response to Trump’s comments, Mr Putin has issued a statement welcoming Donald trump’s comments and offered to work with America to destroy ISIS.

After becoming the president-elect, Moscow called Donald Trump and talked about restoring ties between the nations.

Vladimir Putin has said that “Russian is ready and wants to restore relations with the United States”.

Many experts are saying that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin could work together to destroy the Islamic state in “record time”.

If the two world leaders choose to work together, it would mean that the world would become a safer place.

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